The Wheaton Auxiliary of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago is hosting a Coat Drive for patients of the Angel Harvey Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago.

Our annual Coat Drive, in conjunction with CD One Price Cleaners, has enabled the Infant Welfare Society, with its twelve auxiliary chapters and over 700 members, to give over 4,000 children's, women's, and men's coats to patients of the Angel Harvey Family Health Center in Chicago!  ​Clean out those closets and join the Wheaton Auxiliary ​​​​Chapter of the Infant Welfare Society in donating gently used children's, teens', women's, and men's coats.

The Wheaton-Naperville Chapter of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago


Gently used coats, all sizes (children and adults) can be dropped off at any

CD One Price Cleaners


October 29 through Sunday, November 13, 2018

*CD One Price Cleaners will clean all donated coats at no cost and deliver them to the Angel Harvey Family Health Center for distribution to our patients. Please take used coats to the cleaners' counter and let them know the coats are for the Infant Welfare Coat Drive. We would prefer you drop off used coats directly at the cleaners. However, if you can't get to the cleaners, please send an email to secretary@wheatoninfantwelfare.org, and we will make arrangements for donated coats to be dropped off or picked up.


Check out CD One Price Cleaners so you can locate a CD One near you.